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Owner BERTransit
Locale NewWolvHaven
Number of lines 1 (Planned 4)
Number of stations 5 (Planned 13)
Operator(s) BERTransit
Electrification TrainCarts

BERT, formerly Blocky Electric Rapid Transit, is an elevated rapid transit system in NewWolvHaven. It is operated by BERTransit, under a contract granted by TransHaven. Most of the BERT is build by Axton.


BERT changes its full name from Blocky Elevated Rapid Transit to Blocky Electric Rapid Transit. In September 2014, BERT is no longer an acronym.


BERT Official Map.

BERTransit Door Texture

When Travelling on the BERT lines, the train doors are iron doors. However, Axton created a BERT Door texture pack, which makes the doors transparent, with a yellow line with arrows that make it realistic. (Named BERT Glass doors) The texture is available for download here :

With the current texture pack you are using (preferably Soartex Fanver), replace the iron door texture with the texture you download from the link above. Enjoy.