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Party Overview
Founder MC_Dunc
Founding Members MC_Dunc VernCow
Founded 31/03/2017
Ideology Neo Democractic, Direct Democracy

Democratiam, the party's name is derived from the Latin word Democratiam, meaning Democracy in English. This party is a center-left pro-democracy political party. It was established on the 31st of March by MC_Dunc in Wolvhaven. This party strives to promote more autonomy and fair ruling in Wolvhaven


This Party believes in three main visions: Autonomy, Fairness and Repair

  • Autonomy: This party aims to promote more autonomy in Wolvhaven Parliament. Allowing more citizens to voice out their changes and make wolvhaven parliament rulings more free and citizen based. This party believes that autonomy will make parliament rulings to be done more efficient and benefit citizens the most
  • Fairness:This party also advocates the monitoring and punishing staff which misuses power and fair ruling of cases. This party will raise up issues of staff misusing powers in parliament sessions and requests for reviewing them. Moreover, court cases deemed unfair will also be raised up by this party to promote fair court ruling.
  • Repair: This party Will raise up issues regarding old and non-compatible laws of Wolvhaven to be re-discussed in parliament. This will allow citizens to work easier due to the abolishing of non-compatible laws which restrict them to do certain things.


Founder & Party Leader:

  • MC_Dunc


  • VernCow


  • Mysticlorde

List for January GE

  • 1.MC_Dunc
  • 2.Mysticlorde
  • 3.VernCow

Results of Previous Elections

Election Leader Number of votes Percentage of votes Number of seats Seat change Members elected
April 2017 MC_Dunc
July 2017
  • MC_Dunc
October 2017
  • MC_Dunc
  • Verncow
  • Vacant
April 2018
  • MC_Dunc
  • Mystiquely
  • Hemtai

Our Campaign This Election

- Draft Economy Reform Bills which will be raised to the parliament next term

- Collaborate with the future government closely to ensure beneficial bills to be passed

- Projects to create a more harmonious community due to recent clashes between members

- More proposals in initiating Fifth Haven Project

- Drafting bills as per request and raise it in the coming parliamentary term.

- Voting down on bills that do not really benefit the whole of the server.

Our Successful Bills Last Term

  • Fifth Haven Parliamentary Committee Bill (Passed with 0 No's)
  • Pangaea Railway Permit Bill

Party Slogan

Nos Sunt Democratia (We Are Democracy)